Brett and Vic Elope

On Sat the 14th of March, while standing on the side of the road in the rocky mountains, Brett asked Vic to marry him.
She said yes.

This is the story of the following 6 days in 10 pictures.
The directors cut will be available later on. Somewhere else.

DSC_0098.jpg DSC_0106.jpg

On the morning of the 20th, it was snowing in NYC.
At around 10.45 am we took a number at city hall and waited.

DSC_0676.jpg DSC_0679.jpg

We waited for about an hour. It was pretty busy - everyone was getting married.
After waiting so long, the excitement had worn off - so when it was our turn it felt like it had been sprung upon us.
Note the hand clenching.

DSC_0703.jpg DSC_0710.jpg

It was over before you could say "We're eloping in New York!" All told the ceremony took about 45 seconds.

DSC_0721.jpg DSC_0731.jpg

They had a city hall backdrop for posing in front of. Who wouldn't want to pose in front of it?

DSC_0735.jpg DSC_0736.jpg

Afterwards, we had rings engraved with the date and location, and went ice skating in Central Park.
It was our 1 year, 10 month anniversary.

Thanks to Harrison for witnessing and making this day possible.

NOTE: Honeymoon information and contribution information can be found here.

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joel - Holy Wow! What I thought was going to be some lj nostalgia turned out to be a case of massive news I missed! By months and months! Well played, sir.

karen - wow! it looks so sweet and simple. congratulations and best wishes

Helen - WHOOHOOO! wishing you lots of love to come

Brett Roberts - Kick arse guys way to go.

Harrison - So glad to be a part of this beautiful moment in history

jim - congratulations, you crazy kids

Toami - well done Brett and Vic! best wishes

Coral - Well done guys, all the best to you both xx

Barb - Well done a great surprise Congrats!!

Peta - AH HA HA awesome you sly Minx. Congratulations

Nicole S - Huge Congrats to you both!!

Carla - holy jesus! Congrats!

rach - i'm crying. congratulations xxx

Vic - Yay! There are also more pics now up at my flickr page :)

Damo - Aaaaah you're married! Rowan will be heartbroken:p

Bec & Dan - Congrats! Yay City Hall!

beccyjoe - i just wanted to tell vic i love her dress

luella - beautiful!